Skin Facial Steaming

Skin facial steaming is another great treatment to use about once a week. It causes the skin to perspire, which helps loosen grime, dead skin cells and hardened sebum. The heat also increases the blood supply, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, and the steam helps hydrate and relax the pores. Overall, skin steaming can help your skin feel more radiant with a softer skin tone and a clearer, more vital colour. Avoid steaming if you have broken capillaries in your face — compress instead.


Pure Essential Plant Oils

Pure essential oils

Pure essential oils are known as the life force of the plant. These oils are approximately 70 times more concentrated than the plant or herb they come from. Extracted from leaves, roots, resins, flowers, grasses and fruits they have the ability to penetrate the skin to produce therapeutic benefits and also affect us emotionally and mentally with their powerful aromas.

When purchasing pure essential oils, make sure they use this name on the label and don’t say ‘essence’ or ‘fragrance’. A good brand will list the botanical name, plus possibly a batch number and expiry date. Essential oils vary in price – Lavender, for example, s quite reason able, while Frankincense or Rose are much more expensive – so if you see range with a standard price for all oils, they will not be pure essential oils.

Skin Massage blends

Massage stimulates the blood flow to rejuvenate your skin, it stimulates the lymph fluid to clear wastes away and it improves your skin‘s tone and texture. Once a week give your skin a treat and massage it. We pre-mix a facial massage blend and have it on hand for ready use.

Take 10 ml of a massage base oil (carrier oil), and blend with 5 drops of your chosen essential oils in a dark glass bottle (these can be purchased from a pharmacy or aromatherapy shop). Shake before use. Keep the bottle in a cool place away from sunlight. This facial blend will last you for about five massages, then assess your skin and its needs and make up your new 10 ml blend.

Skin Nourishing and protecting

It is important to protect your skin against the environment. Air conditioning, excess sun, pollution and wind all beat up your skin. Using a good plant-based moisturiser will not only nourish your skin but also give you protection throughout the day. Most good plant-based ranges will be rich in antioxidants to help fight premature aging. Make sure you read labels and check out what you will be putting on your skin. If you need sun protection, look for natural sunscreens and filters.

Just like your body, you also need to give your skin its nutritional requirements. That is why we prefer plant-based products. Your skin naturally digests the ingredients to deliver good nourishment right into your skin. One of our favourite nourishment boosters is organic Rosehip oil mixed with Lavender essential oil. We pre-mix our Rosehip and Lavender together (15 ml Rosehip, seven drops Lavender). All it takes are five drops of this blend massaged well into the skin to deliver a great vitamin and mineral boost. This can be applied under your day moisturiser and used on its own in place of a night cream.

Rosehip oil is our vitamin serum, eye cream, neck cream and night cream. If your skin is feeling dehydrated and parched, add a little Rosehip into your daytime moisturiser. Other nourishment boosters come in the form of hydrating gels or plant serums, or you may wish to make up your own massage blend that you apply under your moisturiser when needed.

What goes into your skin?

Cosmetic surgery

Some women are convinced that cosmetic surgery has been the best thing for them. We know women who have had breast reductions and their health has benefited hugely, women who have had a very subtle eye lift and it is true that their eyes have taken on a whole new look.

From a holistic point of view, however, we would encourage you to investigate the best options for your body, the best procedures available and the best doctors who have total regard for your health, not your pocket. As you may be aware, there have been many horror stories regarding ‘beauty enhancement treatments: Our concern is that some may be detrimental to your health, so investigate fully before embarking on any kind of cosmetic surgery.

However, it is not all bad news. If we place a greater emphasis on reducing stress, a healthy diet, plenty of water and fresh air, skin protection, regular exercise along with plenty of sleep and relaxation – then we are giving our body the best chance to grow older more gracefully.

Healthy skin from the inside

Nature has provided us with an amazing selection of vegetables, fruits and nuts. All are great for your skin, providing essential phytonutrients (nutrients found in fruit and vegetables) (see page 111), vitamins and antioxidants.

You need fat in your diet; your skin would look lifeless and dull without it. Good-quality fats like the omega fats are the building blocks for healthy cells. So make sure you include these good fats in your diet. Good sources are fish, nuts, seeds and cold-pressed oils.

Excess sugar and refined foods such as cakes, biscuits and confectionery play havoc with your skin and can slow the whole body‘s healing system. Limit your intake and make sure you include good sources of protein to help balance blood-sugar levels that can lead to sweet cravings.

There is nothing like a good workout that makes you sweat to eliminate toxins from the skin. The increased blood flow also brings nourishment out into the skin and encourages your skin to breathe. Your skin will take on that healthy glow!

Living in our modern-day society exposes our bodies to a lot of stresses: pollution, excessive radiation exposure (sun and computers), inadequate diets, overworking, over-exercising, smoking, drinking … the list goes on. To supply your body and skin with optimum nutrition we recommend taking a good quality antioxidant that supplies natural vitamins and minerals at optimum levels, and in a natural form as they would be found in a healthy diet.

Everyday stress is a part of life. But when stress turns to anxiety and worry, it starts to affect your health and skin. When you are under excess stress this affects your hormonal system, which often triggers skin problems and sensitivities, as well as lowering your immune system. Strain and worry is also worn on your face, so start to relax. Recognise when you need time out, and nurture yourself.

Sleep is vital to good health. During those hours you spend in bed your body goes about repairing damaged tissues, and there is a surge of your growth hormone, which stimulates cell renewal. There are also some studies that show that a lack of sleep speeds up the aging process. So flick off the TV and go to bed!

Taking care of you

This blog is a toolbox for a happy, balanced life. We’ve offered you recipes for well-being, vitality and an energy-packed lifestyle. Dip into them for a dose of inspiration whenever you feel yourself tipping out of balance or longing to spend a little time on yourself. But ultimately, taking the best care of ourselves means actively turning our intentions, new-found knowledge and philosophies into real daily life.

Remember to ask yourself these simple questions each time you put something in your mouth or on your skin: ‘How close is this to its natural source? Is there a purer alternative I could use?’ If you dare to care, you won’t be afraid to question some of the unnerving ingredients companies persist in putting in products that go in and onto our precious bodies. Through awareness you will become more in tune with your body and how it reacts to certain ingredients, and find the most effective path to guilt-free health.