Cosmetic Toxicity and Cellular Response


When a scientific toxicity report is done on an ingredient its aim is to find out whether an ingredient breaks open and damages the cell wall or not. ‘Toxicmeans that the cell wall breaks so that the cell cannot replicate and dies, causing irritation on the surface of your skin. ‘Non-toxicmeans that the cell wall is left intact. The problem is tle testing is that lit done to find out what happens on the inside of the cell with an ingredient is classed as nontoxic. As long as the ingredient is classed as non-toxic it is assumed to be safe in personal care products.

Flow Cytometry

Some of the latest research into the safety of cosmetics is called ‘Flow Cytometry‘. This is leading technology that allows scientists to study the effects an ingredient has on the human cell. It can measure the inflammatory response, the oxidative stress occurring inside the cell and whether any DNA damage or repair occurs. Reports show this testing to be accurate and reliable.