Skin Nourishing and protecting

It is important to protect your skin against the environment. Air conditioning, excess sun, pollution and wind all beat up your skin. Using a good plant-based moisturiser will not only nourish your skin but also give you protection throughout the day. Most good plant-based ranges will be rich in antioxidants to help fight premature aging. Make sure you read labels and check out what you will be putting on your skin. If you need sun protection, look for natural sunscreens and filters.

Just like your body, you also need to give your skin its nutritional requirements. That is why we prefer plant-based products. Your skin naturally digests the ingredients to deliver good nourishment right into your skin. One of our favourite nourishment boosters is organic Rosehip oil mixed with Lavender essential oil. We pre-mix our Rosehip and Lavender together (15 ml Rosehip, seven drops Lavender). All it takes are five drops of this blend massaged well into the skin to deliver a great vitamin and mineral boost. This can be applied under your day moisturiser and used on its own in place of a night cream.

Rosehip oil is our vitamin serum, eye cream, neck cream and night cream. If your skin is feeling dehydrated and parched, add a little Rosehip into your daytime moisturiser. Other nourishment boosters come in the form of hydrating gels or plant serums, or you may wish to make up your own massage blend that you apply under your moisturiser when needed.

Take Care of Your Hand and Foot

Hand and Foot Moisturisers

All the following blends have been designed to be made up into a 50-m1 base carrier oil of either Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Calendula or Macadamia (or a combination of any two of these, 25 ml of each). Alternatively you can add your chosen essential oils to a moisturiser or product you enjoy using.

Hand Moisturiser

Hand and foot cuticle repair

10 drops Lemon, 10 drops Rosemary, 5 drops Lavender

Remember to wear gloves when possible, especially when washing dishes or gardening. Apply the hand-moisturising blend above after all types of work