Create a Smooth Path to Buying

The easier it is for customers to navigate through the site, the more successful the online store. Customers return to sites at which they have an easy time.

a) Customer Insight

Customers made the following representative comments about the challenging navigation of websites:

Kind of shuffled me around in more shopping than I wanted to do:

  • The first thing I’m trying to do is see if they have any major headings that try to point me in the right direction.”
  • Node, it’s still not there. What did I miss? What’s another definition of this?”
  • Since I can’t find it after clicking through, I guess I’ll have to do a search or go to another site because the information is not readily available to me:’ Part of working with a new site is figuring out how to use it’
  • I’m just reading the descriptions because you never know what they put things under.” Predominately, my definition is not necessarily someone else’s definition. Once I understand someone else’s definition, it makes sense, but mine is not theirs. I’m now just looking under some items. It’s not furniture, it’s not accessory, and it’s not technology… I’m looking for another link since that one didn’t give me what I was looking for.”