Present Good Product Pages

Make it easy for customers to understand and compare products by applying the following recommendations:

  • Clearly state what the product is, how it operates. or describe its style. Include how it might be used, or list occasions for which it might he suitable.
  • Include all available quantities or units (single, multiple) on the same page to simply navigation.
  • Clearly explain alternatives or variations of the product if it conies in different ‘flavors: ‘
  • Ensure that one product description can differentiate it from other products and that the customer has a good understanding of what he is about to purchase
  • Include product photos, and use up-to-date images and graphics. Customers use photos to confirm their selection.
  • Include SKY and product codes, hut dc-emphasize obscure numbers.

Sometimes information provided on comparable products is very similar, and its hard for customers to distinguish differences in features or attributes. Routine reviews of products displayed in the category can let you see what your customers see. It’s your oh to help them know why they want one product over another. If information is unclear to you, it is unclear to your customers.