Substitute Sugar ‘Empty Calorie’ in Your Dieting

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate. Although it provides us with energy, it is known as the ’empty calorie’ because it has no other nutritional value. You may feel a burst of energy after eating foods high in sugar, but you may also experience a quick come-down.Sugar has been known to affect mood, although substances like caffeine, artificial colours and preservatives in sweet foods can also contribute to this.Sugar is not the main reason that people carry excess weight. Too much fat and too little exercise are the main culprits there. Sweet, high-fat foods like chocolate, desserts, cakes and pastries should be limited or avoided altogether. And remember that sugar is sugar, whether it is white, brown, raw, organic or a syrup.Here is one of our favourite sweet recipes for the occasional treat. We always play with our recipes, experiment and try different things. You’ll be surprised what delicious things you come up with.Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl. Melt the butter with the sugar and stir into the dry ingredients, adding water if necessary to bind. Place tablespoons of mixture on a greased baking tray and press down lightly. Bake in a slow oven (160°C) for about 20-25 minutes, or until brown. Cool on a wire tray.


Myth Index: Building your Real Estate Business

You Want to Do It but Don’t Really Have the Time

This really comes down to choices and priorities. There is always time to do the things we need to do like go to work every day, mow the lawn, feed the dog. Often there isn’t time to do the things we really want to do. Learn to speak a second language, build a article case, or volunteer in the community. There is a difference between need and want. We’ll often do what we need and put off what we want. Unfortunately our wants are what truly enrich our lives.If you don’t have the time to begin your real estate investment business, maybe in your mind, you don’t really need to do it. Maybe you simply want to do it, and “want” alone may not be enough to get you started. After all, if you work during the week at another job, you will have to search for and evaluate property on the weekends. You’ll need to make phone calls when you can during the week or in the evenings. There’s always a way to make your dreams come true . . . as long as they are truly your dreams.

You Have to Know Somebody to Get Going in This Business

While knowing a few key people such as a real estate agent, an attorney or a banker may save you some time, you don’t need to know anyone even remotely connected with investment real estate to get started. And you’ll find that the goals you set for yourself will actually define the team. People you know today may or may not be the ideal people for your team once you determine what you want to gain from your real estate investment business.Before our trip, we made our minds up to find our team, at least the start of it. So we went on the Internet and looked up property managers, city officials, brokers, and so on in preparation for our trip. We were not about to travel that far and not meet with anyone who could educate us about the market. As a result, we had ten or twelve meetings over a period of two days. It cost us a few lunches and dinners, but we had the beginnings of our team.

How To Minimize Risk And Maximize Profit

The possibility of financial loss is not eliminated by making a large down payment. Profit is not necessarily assured either. Although most people associate a large equity with safety, the reality of the matter is that the more money you commit, the more you have to lose if things go against you.Making a high profit with little risk of loss is the product of knowledge and good judgment, not money. I know one investor who had a sound and effective strategy that served his acquisition program well. Over a period of approximately eight years he acquired property valued at more than ten million dollars. He began with no money but he was a whiz at math. He did it entirely through his skill as a negotiator.His technique was effective and simple. It was a combination of shrewd negotiation, analysis ability, and good management. It began with a purchase agreement that was contingent on a refinancing of the property in an amount large enough to pay the existing loans and to meet the down payment requirements of the seller. The negotiation key involved convincing the seller to carry a portion of his equity on a second mortgage.He would offer to purchase a complex, such as the American West Apartments, with a $475,000 down payment, provided he could arrange a new first mortgage and the seller would carry a second mortgage for the difference between the purchase price and the new first mortgage. Often he was able to negotiate the price down and the property appraisal and new loan up. This, of course, reduced the amount of the second mortgage. Occasionally he would divert part of the new loan proceeds to do major repairs on the apartments. This increased the second mortgage.


There is a mathematical requirement that must be met in order for this technique to work. The existing mortgage must be lower than the current loan value by an amount large enough to pay it off and satisfy the seller‘s need for cash. This means that the appraisal of the property, for purposes of the new loan, must be high enough to generate the cash necessary to pay off the existing loan and still leave at least enough for a down payment satisfactory to the seller. Therefore, the old loan ($500,000) and the down payment ($475,000) equal the new loan ($975,000). The sales price ($1,300,000) is the sum of the new loan and the second mortgage. The seller‘s equity ($800,000) is the total of the down payment and the second mortgage.

Zamiaceae; Cycadaceae; Both known as Cycad family

These families contain very primitive plants, frequently referred to as ‘living fossils’ and collectively known as cycads. The indigenous cycads of this country belong to two genera of Zamiaceae, viz. Stangeria, a stemless, fern-like genus, restricted to forests of Natal and the Eastern Cape, and Encephalartos 59, which includes all the cultivated species that are considered to be among the choicest of garden subjects. Both genera are totally protected and may not be collected in the wild.

Several exotic cycads, belonging to the family Cycadaceae are also cultivated in this country, particularly in the genus Cycas.

The most familiar growth form seen in all cultivated cycads is that resembling a palm tree, with a thick, woody trunk, bearing a circular tuft of large fronds at its apex. Sexes are separate and in Encephalartos the female tree bears several large cones, weighing 30-35 kg in some species, which look rather like enormous pineapples, but without their apical tufts of leaves. On ripening, the cones open to expose large yellow, orange or scarlet seeds. In many species, the seeds (composed of kernels, surrounded by pulp) are toxic and fatalities have been recorded. If tubers and stem-pith of E. transvenosus and E. longifolius are properly prepared, i.e. boiled (which dilutes the water-soluble toxin) or fermented, it is reported that they may be eaten with safety.

Exercise addiction and withdrawal

Whether the mechanism for supposed exercise addiction is based on psychological factors (for example, personality types), physiological mechanisms (for example, endorphin dependence) or an interplay between the two has yet to be established. A workshop concluded that much more systematic investigation needs to be conducted before definitive conclusions can be made about exercise prescription.’ For example, a number of cautions were raised, including doubts about whether the syndrome of “exercise dependence” exists at all except as one facet of an eating disorder,’ the danger of confusing exercise adherence with exercise dependence and exercise addiction,’ and that the hypothesis for a “runner’s high” – that is, that exercise releases endorphins which produce physiological dependence “ is still only a hypothesis with little supportive evidence.

  1. Exercise programmes, particularly comprising long term aerobic exercise, seem to have an ameliorative effect on depression, specifically clinical depression
  2. Various exercise programmes, both short and long term, have been shown to reduce anxiety and to improve mood state, whereas response to stress may be enhanced by aerobic exercise
  3. The literature remains rather equivocal in relation to the association between self esteem, the premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and exercise, though women who experience PMS do report positive effects associated with a range of exercise
  4. The relation between exercise and body image is complex, hence caution must be used when exercise is prescribed for those with problems associated with their body image