You Have to Know Somebody to Get Going in This Business

While knowing a few key people such as a real estate agent, an attorney or a banker may save you some time, you don’t need to know anyone even remotely connected with investment real estate to get started. And you’ll find that the goals you set for yourself will actually define the team. People you know today may or may not be the ideal people for your team once you determine what you want to gain from your real estate investment business.Before our trip, we made our minds up to find our team, at least the start of it. So we went on the Internet and looked up property managers, city officials, brokers, and so on in preparation for our trip. We were not about to travel that far and not meet with anyone who could educate us about the market. As a result, we had ten or twelve meetings over a period of two days. It cost us a few lunches and dinners, but we had the beginnings of our team.


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