Cholesterol Free, it is NOT Fat Free

It is worth mentioning cholesterol here, while we are talking about fats. Often people think that if something is cholesterol free, it is fat free, but this is not the case. Cholesterol is a complex fatty substance that your body manufactures on a daily basis. It is used to manufacture cell membranes and provide a base for the synthesis of hormones (sex and adrenal), Vitamin D and bile acids. Your body produces about three-quarters of the cholesterol it has in the blood on its own in the liver; the rest comes from your food. Cholesterol from your food does not instantly become cholesterol in your blood. When you eat food high in cholesterol, such as egg yolks, liver, kidneys and shellfish, your body makes less from its own resources or gets rid of more.Studies have also shown that certain foods have a very positive effect in lowering the LDL levels in your blood, and provide essential nutrients to protect your heart. These are fruits and vegetables, plant sterols (found in cold-pressed oils, nuts, legumes, whole grains and fruits and vegetables), garlic, fish and seafood, tea (green and black), soy products, oats, psyllium and small amounts of red wine.

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