Use Energy Wisely

Gluttons may not have a lot of patience, but they have energy to burn. As you may have guessed from reading about the traits of gluttons or if you are guilty of this sin yourself, these individuals are manic in their investing. They eat, sleep, and breathe investments. They spend a lot of time and mental energy weighing their various options and engaging in internal debates about what to do. They also love talking investing, not only with other investors and professionals but with anyone who will tolerate their obsession. They also spend a great deal of time on their trades, exploring esoteric stocks and funds and immersing themselves in the technical details.Not all of this is bad, but ultimately, a significant amount of their energy is misdirected. Therefore, here are some ways that investing gluttons can put their considerable amount of energy to better and more profitable use: Research investments before making them. This may not be as exciting as doing an actual trade or talking with a professional, but it can be a much more productive use of your time. Spend less time trading and more time figuring out what trades make the most sense. Information tends to have a “sedating” effect on overactive investors. The more they learn, the more conservative they become.


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