Sending Data to a Stored Procedure Through Input Parameters

If you are working towards making your ASP.NET application more efficient and that application connects to an SQL Server database, you will want to create stored procedures that do basic things like adding records, deleting records, and other such tasks. With these types of stored procedures, you need to pass data into them. This technique shows you how to call a stored procedure that needs to have parameters passed into it.USE IT The ASP.NET page created for this technique allows visitors to add a record to the Employees table. Instead of using an Insert statement in the ASP.NET code, a stored procedure is called to add the record Notice that the stored procedure has five input parameters. Those parameters are used in the Insert statement in the stored procedure.On the ASP.NET page, visitors enter the values for the new employee record into TextBox control. When they click the Button control, this procedure fires, adding the new record by calling the stored procedure.


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