Fat Sources in Your Diet

The following table shows you the natural fat sources, and where you may find processed trans fat sources in your diet:

  • Processed trans fats
  • processed peanut butter
  • baked goods
  • frozen dinners
  • processed meat products
  • breakfast cereals
  • confectionery
  • margarines and hydrogenated spreads dried fruits
  • chocolate
  • low-fat and lite products
  • crackers
  • snack foods like chips
  • Natural fats
  • nuts
  • seeds eggs fish
  • chicken
  • meat butter fruits and vegetables
  • legumes and grains cold-pressed and unrefined oils

As you can see, butter is a natural fat, and we believe butter is better for you in moderation than a processed trans fat. However, butter is high in saturated fat, and should only be used sparingly.


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