Guidelines for Buying Health Supplements

  1. If you live a busy lifestyle and know that at times you are not eating right, you may require supplementation.
  2. As mentioned before, be aware of the following antagonists when purchasing supplements: folic acid with zinc, iron with Vitamin E, Vitamin B and antioxidants.
  3. Avoid supplements that mix vitamins and minerals with herbs. While vitamins and minerals supplement your diet, herbs are treating your body, and when taken on their own work a lot more powerfully.
  4. In stressful times, you may well suffer from a lack of the Vitamin B group, because when your body is under stress it can limit B absorption from your food. Adding a good acidophilus supplement to your diet for a few weeks helps your body regain the balance that is often thrown out by stress.
  5. If you still wish to take a Vitamin B supplement, always use a B complex, as the B group all work together. Here is what to look for:
    1. Concentrate on the date of manufacture more than the brand.
    2. Look at the expiry date — freshest is always best with Bs.
    3. And buy small pack sizes, no more than 30 tablets at a time.
  2. B vitamins degrade rapidly when mixed with water, so adding them to vitality drinks may mean there is little left by the time you drink them.
  3. The label lists what they put in, not necessarily what you get out.

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