Benefit Selling

Stores that are good at providing customer benefits are good at selling products. Online stores should take a lesson from TV broadcasting sales channels and infomercials. These excel at “showing the meal” and not just the ingredients.

Most online stores describe the products‘ basic specifications. It is difficult to convey customer benefits at retail, in catalogs, or online. However, there are advantages in online stores because they are not limited to the product‘s package or to a catalog printed description. New e- tools, such as video streaming and animation files, help present more information to the customer about how to use products. The right messaging can also convey product benefits.

A typical online scanner description would list dpi (dots per inch), USB connection, and other specifications for use in comparing scanners. Customers are more likely to be interested in the ability to preserve aging photos or to save time by not having to re-type text documents—the basic benefits of scanners.


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