Ecommerce Shopping Online

He scans the list of categories, scrolling down a couple of screens, scrolls back up, then icks "paper," which takes him to a page that asks him to enter his zip code. He just wants to see if they have the product first, so he clicks the "continue" button. An "error" message fills the screen insisting that he enter his zip code. It tells him he must do this before he will be allowed to continue shopping. He looks at his watch—now he’s only got 15 minutes until his client shows up. "That’s it for that one," he says to himself and types in the URL for the second store.

Again he looks at a cluttered home page and anticipates that this will not go well either. He ally needs the brochure paper, so he scans the list of links on that home page. He looks for something that will give him a clue as to what he should click. He sees a link for "forms and paper" and clicks the link, hoping he won’t get one of those zip code demands again.

A list of 40 paper products appears. He hadn’t realized there were so many different kinds of paper. He begins scanning and scrolling the list when the telephone rings. After the call, he has only five minutes left to prepare for his appointment. He looks back at the long list and decides to bag it and pick up the supplies on his way home from work. He makes a mental note make sure his secretary orders extras of everything before her next vacation.


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