Taking care of you

This blog is a toolbox for a happy, balanced life. We’ve offered you recipes for well-being, vitality and an energy-packed lifestyle. Dip into them for a dose of inspiration whenever you feel yourself tipping out of balance or longing to spend a little time on yourself. But ultimately, taking the best care of ourselves means actively turning our intentions, new-found knowledge and philosophies into real daily life.

Remember to ask yourself these simple questions each time you put something in your mouth or on your skin: ‘How close is this to its natural source? Is there a purer alternative I could use?’ If you dare to care, you won’t be afraid to question some of the unnerving ingredients companies persist in putting in products that go in and onto our precious bodies. Through awareness you will become more in tune with your body and how it reacts to certain ingredients, and find the most effective path to guilt-free health.


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