Successful Websites Rule

Apply the following recommendations to ensure that you’re keeping track of the customer experience:

  • Understand that no design is perfect the first time.
  • Test your own site with real customers.
  • Test your site against competitor websites.
  • The web yourself for real tasks. Buy half of your gifts online for the next holiday season, and observe how other sites make it easy or difficult for you to buy from them.

Test early and test often. After you’ve tested, test again at planned intervals. Customer habits change, products change, and the marketplaces change. Routine testing should be built into the website schedules.

a) Customer Insight

Customers had the following to say about products cross-sold in advertisement promotional boxes:

  • Don’t try to show me special deals that are going on rather than taking me to what I’m looking for. When I’m looking for something specific. I’d rather get right to it than look at a bunch of things."
  • "If I’m looking for something specific, the ads aren’t helpful."

These customers were presented with offers early in their product search process. People will not pay attention to them until they become relevant


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