Page Design Tips and Considerations – Shopping for Multiple Items

Many websites have been designed for customers to purchase one item at a time. After a product is dropped into the shopping cart, the customer is brought to the checkout counter. Many websites use a “return to shopping” feature from their shopping cart after an item is placed into the cart. This feature often returned the customer to the home page, which is not typically what he expected. Return to shopping should go back to where the customer was last and not make him start over at the beginning.

The following comments are representative of customers’ experiences:

And when I get to the screen that shows me my shopping cart, 1 prefer to be able to click on items and not go directly to the shopping cart after each item after clicking the “continue shopping” button]. I don’t like that… Where did I go? I now have to go back through all the layers again to get back where 1 was. I have to select everything all over again. If I were doing this for real, I would have definitely given up. This website is cumbersome, very cumbersome. I didn’t like having to go back to the main page every time I added something to my cart.”


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