Easy Customer Guide

Hunting for products on websites is either like a treasure hunt or a needle in a haystack. People were ecstatic if they were successful and very disappointed if they weren’t. The process was arduous, and they came up empty-handed. When asked to describe their experiences, customers used the terms “frustrating.” “horrible;” “difficult,” and “confusing.” They often tempered their comments by saying that’s what they expect from the web anyway.

All products that customers looked for were on all of the websites. They were top-selling products in their category. Customers tried a variety of methods, but they just couldn’t find the products. Can you imagine what would happen if they tried to find a product that wasn’t as important?


Help customers easily find what they’re looking for by applying the following recommendations:

  • Learn how your customers shop.
  • Use familiar category names.
  • Keep navigation simple, and structure the site according to the customer’s understanding of products.
  • Cross-reference links between categories if a product could belong to more than one.

Provide a”breadcrumb” trail on top of the screen to show the customer’s current location in the website.

People abandon shopping carts if they can’t find products to put in them.


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